Testimonial: Jeri P., Santa Rosa, CA

I purchased my home in Santa Rosa in 1989 and have done minor remodeling projects to update the house over the years. I never consulted anyone to help me and that was a mistake.

I saw a few homes that Helen had remodeled and was extremely impressed with the outcomes of her work. I was reluctant to work with her because the homes I saw were more traditional than what I wanted for my house. However, after speaking in person with her about my project and goals it became very clear to me that she approaches her work with the tastes and desires of each individual client.

She immediately got a sense of what I envisioned and we, or I should say she, embarked upon an amazing remodel that turned out far beyond my expectations. I never dreamed my home could look so beautiful and be so comfortable. She took into consideration every aspect of our life, including our two dogs that run and jump all over the house. I thankfully came to trust her immediately and never questioned one decision she made after she picked out the hardwood floors for our home.

That is a funny story because she picked out the flooring in minutes and I was hesitant about what she picked. I wanted to keep looking. She assured me I would be happy with the result. I wasn’t sure but in the end the flooring she chose so quickly turned out to be perfect for the dogs and absolutely gorgeous in the house. It is one of the many incredible pieces of her creation. Everyone who walks through our front door comments about how fantastic the floors look.

After that, I gave Helen full rein on absolutely everything. At times, I wasn’t sure, but not once did she make an error in her choices. She made every decision, from paint color to furniture pieces, to lighting, to placement, to accessories, etc., etc. She did it all and it turned out better than I ever dreamed it could look.

Helen has been doing interior design for over 35 years and that shows in her professionalism, expertise in the work she does and her ability to relate to clients in a very warm and friendly manner. She was so enjoyable to work with I was hoping we could become good friends when the work was completed. Because of my budget, we took a break after the majority of the work was completed and recently she came back to pick out lamps and other accessories to finish the work. My house is gorgeous and it is all thanks to Helen’s amazing talent and creative skills. She is brilliant and a joy to work with! Thank you Helen.

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Helen Sharritt Interiors has been designing since 1985 with practices in the Chicagoland and San Francisco Bay area, including wine country in northern California. With graduate degrees from UC Berkeley and the New York School of Interior Design, Helen Sharritt puts years of design experience to work for you, creating a personalized home environment for you and your family.