What if you could have professional design services for free?

Yes, you’re reading this correctly. Our years of experience and design network have allowed us to obtain relationships with vendors, which translate to discounts that will be passed to you. These discounts can, and have, offset the costs of our design services.

So, if you could have a free designer, why put yourself through the agony of tracking down resources and possibly making mistakes?

What is a Rapid Remodel™? What does it cost?

Ever heard the horror stories about a kitchen remodel that dragged on for months?  Unfortunately, until now, this was standard procedure. Imagine being without your kitchen or bathroom for three to six months! The prospect of this scenario has kept many homeowners from updating their home and going through the remodeling process.

Helen Sharritt Interiors has developed her Rapid Remodel™ system that will work for the remodeling of existing space, getting you back into your kitchen or bathroom in approximately three weeks! Below are sample prices for a kitchen remodel, done in traditional fashion using a contractor, as a Rapid Remodel™, and for a custom kitchen expansion (addition) where the kitchen’s footprint is expanded:

Average Kitchen
Remodel Pricing *
Traditional Remodel
Rapid Remodel™
Custom Addition (Expansion)
Average Total Cost $35—75k $30—70k $50—130k
Construction Time
(to complete)
912 weeks 3 weeks 1216 weeks
Custom Cabinet Selection Check Check Check
Custom Lighting Check Check
Custom Countertops Check Check Check
Designed by Interior Designer Check Check
Average Cabinetry Costs $1025k $1020k $2040k
Average Countertop Costs $412k $310k $515k
Average Appliance Costs $618k $515k $725k
Average Lighting Costs $25k $25k $57k
Average Flooring Costs $45k $35k $57k
Average Labor Costs $1020k $1020k $2540k
Average ROI
(return on investment)
75% 95% 85%
Average Contractor Savings $0 $5-10k $5-10k

* Disclosure: this chart reflects average prices; actual pricing is based on kitchen size and choice of materials.

I have a budget in mind, and it probably won’t cover the whole house.

Most folks have a set price in mind before beginning a remodel. However, don’t make the mistake of making mediocre upgrades throughout the house, or you’ll likely be in the same spot as today in five or ten years down the road.

A smarter strategy is to remodel a room at a time, as your budget allows. Purchasing quality furniture and goods that can last a lifetime is much less expensive than replacing things every five or ten years. Quality is a wise investment in your largest asset.

Want to see an example?

Send an email to and we’ll reply with a sample cost sheet for a remodel. Let us know if you’re interested in remodeling your whole house, or just a kitchen, bathroom or family room. We’ll show you costs, including hourly fees and how our ‘designer discounts’ can offset those fees, giving you a higher quality end-product for the same price.

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