The Perils Of Deferred Maintenance

Often times I hear my clients tell me that there are added benefits to working with me, besides fantastic design and service.

Common sense (to me anyway) and proven over time, I see the high costs of deferred maintenance. When you are trying to keep on a budget in maintaining your home, the least expensive way to do it is the keep up with it! The longer you wait, to defer the cost, the more expensive the project will be. Significantly so.

Whether it is painting the exterior of your home, where delay creates wood rot, replacing your roof, where waiting too long sometimes means stripping the old roof off and doing repair before the new roof can be put on. Fixing leaks, replacing windows  etc… The longer you wait, the more expensive the project will be.

The most cost effective way to maintain your home is to keep up with it.

This too with your furnace and your water heater, HVAC. Annual maintenance costs a little but saves a lot in the long run. In general your equipment will last longer before it needs to be replaced. There is nothing worse than your furnace breaking down in the winter, and you have no heat while you try to find someone to come out and service it. Nothing worse than no AC when it’s 100 degrees. Service is pennies on the dollar compared to replacement. Save big bucks by maintaining your home, and you will have  more cash for remodeling or redecorating! Makes sense to me!

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Helen Sharritt Interiors has been designing since 1985 with practices in the Chicagoland and San Francisco Bay area, including wine country in northern California. With graduate degrees from UC Berkeley and the New York School of Interior Design, Helen Sharritt puts years of design experience to work for you, creating a personalized home environment for you and your family.

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