Trends in Interior Design

I have been noticing the past few years, a trend, that I don’t necessarily think is a good thing. It’s a trend I like to refer to as generic interior design. I certainly see a lot of it on the design channel on TV… whether it is remodeling an older home for new clients (actual people with a story) or flipping a house to go on the market. I see it on others’ portfolios…

It’s the look… it ’s what’s “trending now”. A generic design that everyone can see themselves in.! Whereas, I understand the game plan when it is a flip house, and it’s going to be put on the market, I don’t understand it when it’s done for actual clients. It’s devoid of personality: it’s bland, impersonal, and doesn’t tell a story.

Not always a good thing…

I have been an interior designer for 30 years. I think what makes design interesting is pulling out of your client, who they are. Their likes, dislikes, lifestyle, family living patterns, travels, and giving them a beautiful reflection in their home, of their story. Now, that is interesting! That tells a story. That makes your home uniquely yours. A home that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

That’s what clients should demand, not just a cookie cutter, plug in trend. If you are going to remodel, or redecorate, learn how to find the right designer, that can give you that. YOU deserve it!

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Helen Sharritt Interiors has been designing since 1985 with practices in the Chicagoland and San Francisco Bay area, including wine country in northern California. With graduate degrees from UC Berkeley and the New York School of Interior Design, Helen Sharritt puts years of design experience to work for you, creating a personalized home environment for you and your family.

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