Working with Helen Sharritt Interiors Ltd.

Working with Helen Sharritt Interiors Ltd.

Initial Client Conversation (in person, by telephone or e-mail communication)
Client id’s scope of project
Outline of the HSI process
Discuss hourly rate
Client Decision – are we moving forward into billable time?
Preliminary Meeting
Meet at hourly rate for client specified amount of time
Assess project scope
Ballpark number based on the clients’ dream
Budget disclosure (client)
Client Decision – are we moving forward?
Sign Letter of Agreement
HSI e-mails Meeting Recap Notes
Second Meeting (may be completed at Preliminary Meeting)
Getting to know you
In-depth Budget discussion
Preliminary ideas (verbal only)
Original blueprints located and sets to team
Client Decision – are we moving forward?
HSI e-mails Meeting Recap Notes
Getting Started
Scope of Work (written)
All drawings for building permits
Original blueprints ($0) or As-built drawings ($tbd)
New plans for pulling permits
Meet the team
Rough team estimates
Next Steps
Room design
Product selection (note all warranty information)
Space plans
Tight team estimates
Review all quotes
Decide on construction calendar
Sign all contracts and order product
GC contract (note payment terms)
All suppliers’ contracts (note payment terms)
HSI e-mails all Meeting Recap Notes on-going
We’re Mid-way Through
All product is inspected for correct and good condition
All product is delivered to jobsite
Construction commences
We’re Almost There
All final walk-through’s are completed
All issues are addressed and attended to
The Reveal
The finished project unveiled

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Helen Sharritt Interiors has been designing since 1985 with practices in the Chicagoland and San Francisco Bay area, including wine country in northern California. With graduate degrees from UC Berkeley and the New York School of Interior Design, Helen Sharritt puts years of design experience to work for you, creating a personalized home environment for you and your family.

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